Please do not call or email our offices for open call or application status inquiries. 



Top Atlanta modeling agency providing modeling for fashion & print. Clients include Macy’s, Versace, Converse, and Ralph Lauren. Element Model Management invites aspiring models to attend an open call. However at this time, we are not holding any future open calls. If you are interesting in becoming a model please fill out the online model application.

At Element, we are very selective about the models we contract. If you’re serious about modeling, then you should arrange your schedule to be present at an Open Call. Element especially encourages tall & fit models to attend an open call. Prospective Element models must have a serious interest in the industry willing to give 100 percent effort in their modeling game plan. During the open call, you will complete a bio sheet and provide a recent photograph.
Element will get to know you through an interview, study your appearance and examine your skills as you prove you can earn a spot to be our next new Element model!

Prospective Element models:
-must have a serious interest in the industry and give 100 percent effort to their modeling gameplan
-must be open-minded, reliable & punctual, possess a good attitude, have a charming personality, & impeccable manners.
-must be disciplined in their lifestyle (diet & exercise), & possible makeover (wardrobe, hair cut/color change).
-must realize that the modeling industry is a perilous & expensive industry, it should only be pursued once you have obtained good grades in school & have the confidence.
-must pride themselves in learning the skills of the industry, icluding but not limited to acting, runway, makeup application, and wardrobe styiLing.
-must be able to provide strong, professionally shot photographs. These should be recent and reflect your current body build & haircut and color. The photo shoots should be scheduled with experienced photographers resulting in high quality classy images.

During the open call Element may provide you with a preferred list of photographers and artist in the Atlanta area, as well as suggested changes of problem areas to focus on building your career. It’s imperative that, as a model, you build a diverse portfolio of images portraying a variety of outfits, facial expressions, poses, and themes. After all, its is with a diverse portfolio of professional images and your impeccable body measurements on which clients will base their decision when booking and landing you your first job with Element!



 No future open calls at this time. Feel free to fill out our online model application. Please do not call or email our offices for open call or application status inquiries. Thank you.


Information for the Become A Model Online Inquiry Submission:

You may also inquire to become a model, by submitting online and completing the become a model form. Due to heavy model submission volume, Element will only respond to those interested in. If Element is interested in your online submission and potentially contracting you, you must be seen physically in person.


Required Model Stats:

Females:  5'7 - 6'0

    Males:  5'11 - 6'3"

Classic:  5'8  & ages 30+

Children: ages 6+ with personality & manners

Now Seeking additional models, esepecially with
these characteristics:

Females:  -Dress size 4/6 with a B-cup bra.
               -All-American blondes with colored eyes.

   Males:  -commercial print models (with a strong smile,
                toned abs & Asian, Hispanic, All-American types)

Those attending the open calll must have:

  • A serious interest in modeling.
  • Skin clear (free of acne, hyperpigmentation, and/or scarring.) & No major tattoos and piercings.

Those offered a modeling contract must:

  • Improve skills (runway, acting, posing, wardrobe, confidence)
  • Provide marketing materials (photo shoots, recent digitals, comp cards)



1) Arrive on time!
2) Dates are subject to change! View here, the day of the open call date you plan to attend, to verify the open call is still in progress!
3) Open call dates are posted here. 
4) Audition Alone! Unless, you are under age 18, ONLY 1 guardian permitted.
5) Bring at least 1 printed snapshot! The snapshot should be clear, recent, & in color.


 _____________________________ATTIRE & GROOMING___________________________________


  • dress: wear jeans and a solid colored top. If you are a dress size 4-6, instead wear a solid colored form-fitting dress .
  • accessories: wear high heels that are not wedges. No jewelry is to be worn.
  • swimsuit: arrive withswimsuit worn underneath your clothing. 2-piece solid colored swimsuit revealing your stomach.
  • makeup: day makeup, light makeup. Or nomakeup preferred.
  • hair: wear hair down and frizz-free. Hair should be free of accessories.Bring a hair tie.


  • dress: wear jeans and a solid colored top.
  • swimsuit: solid colored boxer briefs or swimsuit trunks

Children (ages 12 and under):

  • dress: dress comfortable & in the child's favorite outfit
  • swimsuit: not needed



  • must provide 2 non-refundable photos: 1 face shot & 1 full body shot.
  • photo must be clear, in color and must be atleast 4x6 inches.
  • on the back of each photo include your name, contact info, age, height, and measurements.


  • provide a resume, only if you have modeling or acting experience.
  • an actors head shot with a resume on the flipside